Marketing your business or organization can seem like a daunting task. Most small businesses and organizations liken creating a marketing plan to going to the dentist – it is a necessary evil, but in no way is it a fun thing to do! Newspaper, radio, magazines, social media, websites, brochures, direct mail postcards – there are too many ways to waste precious marketing dollars by switching your tactics every other month! After ten years of helping businesses and organizations develop marketing to promote their efforts I can tell you this:

"Effectively marketing your business means some hard work on your part. You must make decisions on how to best represent your message to your target audience. That also means you have to decide WHAT business you are really in, WHY you are different from others in your industry and WHO is your ideal customer or prospect."

Entice can help you answer these questions and develop a strategy to market your unique interests. With this information in hand we can develop a plan for your business or organization that uses your resources to get you the best possible results. We can help you create focused messages and place them in the most advantageous media to reach your target audience. 

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